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Beethoven Concerto - Stephanie Chase
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Latest Release
Essential Giuliani Vol. II

Stephanie Chase, Classical Violin
Richard Savino, Classical Guitar
eOne Entertainment #7693

Beethoven: Violin Concerto and Romances

Beethoven: Violin Concerto and Romances

World Premiere Recording on Original Instruments


Stephanie Chase, violin

Hanover Band conducted by Roy Goodman

All cadenzas by Stephanie Chase

Cala Records CACD 1013

“Stephanie Chase has a great sense of style, matchless technique and flawless intonation." - HC Robbins Landon, BBC Music Magazine


RECORD OF THE MONTH - "Authentic magic" - Classic CD


" has to be the extremely gifted Chase who carries the laurels for a pioneering disc..."- Simon Trezise, Classic CD


“ well as the ethereal qualities of this piece that she conveys with such imagination, she also finds the earthy tones of the country fiddler in that last movement. A very complete performance, very accomplished indeed.”- Edward Seckerson, National Public Radio


“One of the twenty most outstanding performances in the work's recorded history.”- Robin Stowell ‘Beethoven: Violin Concerto’ (Cambridge University Press)


“This version (compared with Mutter’s) shone with a freshness that seemed revelatory. Stephanie Chase produces an elegant, intimate, sweet-toned sound. (Her cadenzas) are very beautiful and effective... a performance not to be missed.” - Hi - Fi News & Record Review


"In the right hands, Beethoven's Violin Concerto can be a profoundly spiritual experience, and it is every bit that here. Chase is technically at ease and her reading taps the essence of the music."- Alan Campbell, H & B Recordings

"American violinist Stephanie Chase's London recording on the little-known Cala label with Roy Goodman and the Hanover Band (is) the first ever period-performance recording of these works, and it has a number of excellent qualities: careful research, beautiful violin playing, ideal balance and, last but not least, some fascinating English-language notes explaining why Ms. Chase has played the way she does. The tempi are moderate, not achieving the excitement to be heard on some non-period performances, but that is obviously a deliberate decision based on the sources. Also, the choice of instruments and of a bow and the way to use it are all based on musicological research and are used to recreate the concerto as nearly as possible to what Beethoven himself might have had in mind. Stephanie Chase has also composed her own lovely cadenzas and an introduction to the third movement of the Concerto based on the revisions that Beethoven himself made when re-writing the piece for piano. Does this sound dry? Well, it isn't, not when played so beautifully and recorded so clearly as this is, I have seldom heard a version which, without the clutter of modern-violin showmanship, is so able to fascinate me and draw me in to the music. Congratulations to all concerned on a masterly performance! (This applies also to the two "Romances", which here radiate a sweetness and simplicity I had never otherwise associated with them.)" - Leslie Richford

Mozart: Violin Concerti Nos. 3, 5, Sinfonia Concertante

Mozart: Violin Concerti Nos. 3 and 5, Sinfonia Concertante
Recording on Original Instruments


Stephanie Chase, violin; Roger Chase, viola
Hanover Band conducted by Roy Goodman
All cadenzas by Stephanie Chase

Cala Records CACD 1014

"Chase is as agile and adept with her "transitional" bow as Zukerman is with his modern one, and her instrument, a classical restoration with gut strings, has a strength to balance every weakness when compared to Zukerman's post-Classical Quarneri.  She throws out lines,  both sweet and powerful.  Her playing is never thick or overbearing, but it is passionately and dramatically intoned." - CD Review


“...value for money with performances that stand up well to the very best on disc...these are performances on period instruments that have style, good taste and substance.” - Northern Echo


"...violinist Stephanie Chase provides fine period-instrument performances of Mozart's three greatest concertante works for strings, which should please those who usually find authentic-instrument readings dry and astringent. Chase's violin timbre falls easily on the ear, the Hanover Band accompanies with stylish energy and ... the slow movements are played with a chaste sweetness. - Chicago Tribune

Bygone Days - Music for violin and piano by Rudolf Friml

Bygone Days: Music for violin and piano
by Rudolf Friml


Stephanie Chase, violin; Sara Davis Buechner, piano
eOne Entertainment

"Stephanie Chase plays these works with technical control, beautiful sound, rhythmic flexibility, unerring taste, and natural stylistic affinity" - Strings Magazine

"This exquisite cd is an absolute must for the violin music lover, not only for the lyrical gems of Friml's music but also for Stephanie Chase's magical and transporting performances. These pieces are sentimental yet delicate, virtuosic yet charming, and ultimately have a truly mesmerizing effect on the listener. Sara Davis Buechner is a delightful pianist partner.  I enthusiastically recommend this superb recording." - customer

Viteslava Krapralova: Music for violin and piano

Viteslazva Krapralova: Music for violin and piano

Sephanie Chase, violin; Virgina Eskin, piano

eOne Entertainment 7742-64

"Both Eskin's and Chase's performances clearly demonstrate that they are entirely up to this challenge: not only are these performers equipped with superb technique but they are also able to interpret the music with a sensitivity that underscores the hallmarks of Kapralova's compositions - the abundance of creative ideas, extraordinary sensitivity, delicate colours, and logical, rational organization of the musical material." - Czech Music Quarterly

"Most striking are the slow pieces, especially the achingly gorgeous 'Legend' and the somber but soaring 'Elegy', both for violin and piano. Virginia Eskin and Stephanie Chase play with passion and sensitivity . This is a welcome release." - American Record Guide

"One of the most satisfying  performance of Brahms's Horn Trio I have ever heard." - Fanfare​

"Greer and his collaborators, violinist Stephanie Chase and pianist Steven Lubin, are deeply expressive and rhythmically alert within Brahms's Classical parameters." - Gramophone

"Absolutely gorgeous." - CD Review

Music for Horn by Beethoven, Von Krufft and Brahms


Lowell, Greer, natural horn; Stephanie Chase, classical violin; Steven Lubin, fortepiano

Harmonia Mundi
HCX 3957037 on Classical Express series

Music for Horn by Brahms and Beethoven
On Original Instruments
The Cala Series
Saint-Saens: Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso

The Cala Series

Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Camille Saint-Saens
Stephanie Chase, violin

The Philharmonia conducted by Geoffrey Simon

CACD 1014

"The outstanding soloist is violinist Stephanie Chase, whose elegant playing of Saint-Saens' Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso suits this delightful bonbon better than does the overly virtuosic approach often accorded it. Not that Chase isn't capable of fireworks - she certainly is, but she keeps them under tasteful control." - Opus

“(Stephanie Chase is) a supreme musical performer whose complete virtuosity enables her to ennoble everything she plays.” – Byron Belt, Newhouse Newspapers

Ravel: Five O'Clock Foxtrot

Ravel: Five O'Clock Foxtrot

Tzigane by  Maurice Ravel
Stephanie Chase, violin

The Philharmonia conducted by Geoffrey Simon


“Rich, passionate tone, dead-true intonation throughout, and virtuosity galore.” - Gramophone



"A Record to Die For" - Stereophile



Saint-Saens: Africa
La Muse et le Poete

Saint-Saens: Africa


La Muse et le Poete by Camille Saint-Saens

Stephanie Chase, violin; Robert Truman, cello

The London Philharmonic conducted by
Geoffrey Simon. Cala Records CACDS4031

"The performances are warmly affectionate, beautifully played and flattered by the rich-textured surround sound.” - Gramophone Magazine

Borodin: Requiem
Nocturne for violin and orchestra

Borodin: Requiem


Alexander Borodin: Nocturne for violin and orchestra by Borodin (arr. Rimsky-Korsakov)
World Premiere Recording
Stephanie Chase, violin;

The Philharmonia conducted by Geoffrey Simon     
Cala Records CACD 1029

"The Rimsky-Korsakov, with Stephanie Chase as soloist, receives its first recording, and almost sounds a little like parts of Scheherazade, only more lush." - Hi-Fi News


World Premiere Recording

Shostakovich: Piano Trio No. 2

Dmitri Shostakovich: Piano Trio No. 2
Boston Chamber Music Society

Stephanie Chase, violin; Ronald Thomas, cello; Randall Hodgkinson, piano
Northeastern 5637218531

“Chase, Thomas, and Hodgkinson impart a raw edge to (the Piano Trio), giving it a rhythmic density that seems exactly right.” –Stylus

Schoenberg: Verklaerte Nacht

Arnold Schoenberg: Verklaerte Nacht

Boston Chamber Music Society

Stephanie Chase, violin I; Lynn Chang, violin II; Marcus Thompson, viola I; Katherine Murdoch, viola II; Ronald Thomas, cello I; Michelle D'jokic, cello II
Boston Chamber Music Society 096678024929

Luigi Boccherini: Sei sonate a Tre

Luigi Boccherini: Sei Sonate a Tre
Barros Classical Consort
On Original Instruments


Stephanie Chase, violin; Christine Gommere, cello; Max Barros, fortepiano. Hungaroton.

Stephen Storace: Piano Trio

Stephen Storace: Piano Trios
Barros Classical Consort
On Original Instruments


Stephanie Chase, violin; Christine Gommere, cello; Max Barros, fortepiano. Paulus.

World Premiere Recording.

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